I am re-running my free 'Bending Author-it' webinar for the American/New Zealand timezones.

This FREE webinar will be held at the following times:

  • 0600 Australia EST Wednesday 12 October 2011
  • 0900 New Zealand NZDT Wednesday 12 October 2011
  • 1300 North America PDT Tuesday 11 October 2011
  • 1600 North America EDT Tuesday 11 October 2011
  • 2100 United Kingdom BST Tuesday 11 October 2011

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Details of the webinar below.

Out of the box, Author-it revolutionises your authoring environment and gives you so many more delivery options. But, if you dig a little deeper and get your hands dirty, you can really make Author-it work for you; give your output a unique look, effectively manage and manipulate your content, and streamline your publishing processes. 

Join me for the free 'Bending Author-it' webinar where I will show you how to 'hack' Author-it and bend it to your will. Topics include:

  • Custom titles pages
  • XML hacks
  • AfterPublish Macros.

This webinar is for anyone who is interested in seeing how to push beyond Author-it's out-of-the box functionality. However, to do the 'hacks' yourself, you will be a reasonably experienced Author-it user who has intermediate Author-it configuration skills and some technical aptitude.

This is a repeat of my 'Author-it Hacks' webinar that I delivered earlier this year. I am repeating it for the North American and New Zealand timezones.

Eliminate repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming tasks when publishing from Author-it Cloud

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